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Quandrant 4 Systems Corp. (OTCMKT:QFOR) Seasonal Chart

Quandrant 4 Systems Corp. (OTCMKT:QFOR) Seasonality

QFOR Relative to the S&P 500
QFOR Relative to the S&P 500

QFOR Relative to the Sector
QFOR Relative to the Sector

Monthly Seasonal Quandrant 4 Systems Corp. (OTCMKT:QFOR)

Seasonal Chart Analysis

Analysis of the Quandrant 4 Systems Corp. (OTCMKT:QFOR) seasonal charts above shows that a Buy Date of December 1 and a Sell Date of March 1 has resulted in a geometric average return of 44.69% above the benchmark rate of the S&P 500 Total Return Index over the past 14 years. This seasonal timeframe has shown positive results compared to the benchmark in 11 of those periods. This is a good rate of success and the return strongly outperforms the relative buy-and-hold performance of the stock over the past 14 years by an average of 85.17% per year.

The seasonal timeframe is Inline with the period of seasonal strength for the Technology sector, which runs from October 9 to February 15. The seasonal chart for the broad sector is available via the following link: Technology Sector Seasonal Chart.

Quandrant4 Systems Corp is an information technology company. It provides Software as a Service (SaaS) based technology products to enterprise customers in addition to custom software development, outsourcing & consulting services.

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