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Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKT:LWLG) Seasonal Chart

Seasonal Chart Analysis

Analysis of the Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKT:LWLG) seasonal charts above shows that a Buy Date of December 22 and a Sell Date of March 31 has resulted in a geometric average return of 38.55% above the benchmark rate of the S&P 500 Total Return Index over the past 15 years. This seasonal timeframe has shown positive results compared to the benchmark in 14 of those periods. This is an excellent rate of success and the return strongly outperforms the relative buy-and-hold performance of the stock over the past 15 years by an average of 50.24% per year.

The seasonal timeframe correlates Fairly Well with the period of seasonal strength for the Materials sector, which runs from November 20 to May 5. The seasonal chart for the broad sector is available via the following link: Materials Sector Seasonal Chart.

Lightwave Logic Inc is a United States-based company engaged in developing a advanced organic nonlinear chromophores to be used to make electro-optic polymer material systems and non-linear all-optical polymer material systems. These polymers based material systems, when used in modulators or waveguide structures, can convert high-speed electronic signals into optical (light) signals for use in communications systems, high-speed data transfer or advanced high speed computing. The company’s family of materials has utility across a range of applications in devices that address markets, including telecommunication, data communications, high-speed computing and photovoltaic cells in both military and commercial markets.

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