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As an Equity Clock subscriber, you will gain access to over 7000+ seasonal profiles of investments listed in both Canada and the US. Featuring defined optimal Buy and Sell dates, the database offers a clear look at the best time of year to hold equity securities based on historical performance.

As well, rounding off the seasonal investment strategy is a fundamental glimpse at key economic indicators in both Canada and the US, from a seasonal perspective, of course. Economic seasonal charts are updated as soon as the data is released.


Benefits of a monthly or yearly subscription:

  • Unlimited access to over 7000 seasonal profiles covering a wide array of investments listed in Canada and the US, featuring tested Buy and Sell dates
  • Updates on economic data and analysis of how the results relate from a historical perspective
  • Monthly newsletter detailing areas of the market to look out for in the month ahead and a breakdown of how to allocate your portfolio to best take advantage of the seasonal tendencies influencing various market segments
  • *BONUS* – Yearly subscribers will be able to download an Excel spreadsheet featuring all of the seasonal results included in the database.  Filter results by sector, date, return, frequency of success, or correlation with the sector.  The spreadsheet also provides additional Buy and Sell dates not available in the online database.

Subscription Options

Monthly Subscription

Unlimited Seasonal Profiles

Monthly Newsletter & Seasonal Portfolio Allocation

$24.95 every month (recurring)

Yearly Subscription

Unlimited Seasonal Profiles

Monthly Newsletter & Seasonal Portfolio Allocation

Excel Download

$249.95 every year (recurring)

Five (5) Seasonal Profiles

Access 5 Seasonal Profiles (valid for a period of 1 month)

$5.00 every month

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